Kim White Moss & Black Leopard Fur Bag

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Who would've thought that a bag designed in a moss green and black leopard print fur would be so wearable?  Right?!  But it IS!  It surprisingly goes GREAT with lots of looks, and definitely adds an element of attitude.   Grrrrrrr!   This sturdy medium-sized everyday bag looks great when you're knocking around in jeans, or wearing it out with a fantastic dress at night!  It's really versatile and stylish, with an edgy feel.  Fur on the front, and a heavy weight semi-metallic sueded leather on the back.  Bag is shown here with the shoulder strap, where the bag sits just under your arm.  When you put your things in, the weight causes the bag to slouch to give you ample arm room.  Included is an extra detachable cross body strap, too!  It's black leather and adjustable with a buckle.  Two straps so this is always the bag you need.  There are two pockets on the inside, one with a zipper, and another on the opposite side of the bag that is open so you could easily slip your phone into it, and not have to fish around in your bag.   Made in the USA.   13"W x 9"H with a 2" t-bottom gusset.  Impeccable craftsmanship with top metal zipper.  Antique nickel hardware.  Leather is cow hair-on.