About Us
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Button Up Boutique is locally owned and operated in St. Thomas,
Photography courtesy of Red Rubber Studio

About Us

ButtonUp Boutique began with a shared love for buttons!  It’s amazing how much time one can spend combing through a bin full of buttons looking for just the right one to add the perfect finish.  We met while living in the metropolis of St. Thomas, Ontario. How did we meet? We all have children the same age, homeschool said children and share a mutual fondness for reusing vintage buttons and clothing in new and creative ways. We starting off making photography props, unique baby gifts and little things for our own children, and well, it just seems to have organically grown from there.  We are friends, mothers and entrepreneurs and we hope that you enjoy the love and detail we put into each and every item.

Becky Ong’s love of vintage fur & leather may actually exceed her love for buttons.  Using her grandmother’s Persian Lamb coat to create amazing owl wings on an Owl Pillow for a dear friend’s baby seemed a natural course of action for her.  Afterall, who wears fur coats anymore?  Becky has incredible vision and a surprisingly large collection of really cool and unique props for photographers.  She sees things from a wonderful perspective and her creations are nothing short of fabulous.

Angie Gauthier began sewing and knitting before it was cool to do such things.  As a mother of four and wife to musician, Deni Gauthier, she finds a strange tranquility {or cheap therapy} in creating pretty little things amidst the chaos and the noise of her household.  She loves to use UpCycled fabrics in a variety of prints and textures and gives great attention to detail and finishing.  She is also the owner/operator of Cheeky Baby Slings, which now falls under our Boutique’s umbrella.

A Big Thank You...

Julianna Pennings is really the one who made this ball start rolling.  She was looking for some props that she could use for her Red Rubber Studio portrait shots.  She thoughtfully invited Becky & Angie to help her come up with some ideas.  So we put our heads together and we’ve been growing ever since.  With a love for vintage lace and fabrics with textures that add depth to photos, she has an incredible eye for creating beautiful things.  An extremely gifted photographer, Julianna has graciously given much of her time to photograph our products. We really can’t say enough about how much we love her photos and her ‘magic box’ that transforms us into models.  You can find Julianna and her husband Matt’s work at Red Rubber Studio.

(Julianna, I’m allowed to promote you and gush about you on here ‘cause it’s I made website! ;) - Angie)